How do Vaults work?

Our Vault contracts are based on the EIP4626 standard.
Users deposit LP Tokens composed only by trusted stablecoins such as sUSD, USDC, USDT and/or DAI, into our vaults and let the automated strategies farm, harvest and compound you rewards, requiring minimum to no maintenance from the User.



The Vaults are the contracts with which Users interact with. All user deposits and withdrawals happen through the Vault.


The Strategy is a contract that takes care of depositing the funds into the different protocols (ex Curve, Sushiswap), Harvest the rewards periodically, and reDeposit them into the Vault.


Neither the Governance or Strategist Role have access to any of user funds, their sole purpose is to manage vaults and strategies


The Governance role and address is used to manage Vaults and Strategies. The Governance address is currently managed by a Gnosis Multisig

Strategist (aka Minion)

The Strategist role and wallet is in charge of creating new strategies and managing them. This includes setting which strategy is active and doing the recurrent Harvest().
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