For your security, fees are only changeable through governance, and limited to a MAX of 20% hardcoded into our Smart Contracts

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

There are NO deposit or withdrawal fees taken from Nuke Vaults, however some vaults (sUSD ones for example) require that your funds be exchanged for other tokens, build a LP Token or just because one of the underlying protocols does charge some type of fee.
Therefor you may seen that if you deposit 10 sUSD, you may see that the deposit ended up being 9.999 USDC.

Performance Fees

Performance fees are applied on every Harvest, towards the profits of the underlying tokens. For example in the case of a Curve Vault, the Performance Fees is applied on the harvested CRV, after its converted into the Curve LP Token.
Performance Fees are used to pay for recurring execution of Strategy functions such as invest() and harvest(), Contract Deployments gas costs, as well as paying for maintenance costs of the different tools and services we use to keep our website and the team active & involved
Current Performance Fee: 10%