What are Nuke Vaults?

Our mission is to become the #1 place to go when your looking to get Yield on your Stablecoins in Layer 2
  • Automated Yield Farming Strategies on Optimism
  • Focus on Stablecoin strategies
  • Always Verified Contracts on block explorers
  • 10% Performance Fee (upon harvest) & NO Deposit or Withdrawal Fees
  • OZ Defender (Mutlisig+Timelock) for Admin Keys (Governance Role)
Due to the complexities and terrible UX experience in other apps, we started with a small idea: create a couple of Vaults for usage among friends and family, however after some months ended up growing into a much bigger idea, offer simple and easy to use Vault Strategies to build you passive income portfolio, and open it up to anyone that wishes to join.
We used to have our own vault code, but for this new idea we have adopted Yearn V1 vaults code for increased security, however we intent to build on them in the future into a more robust framework.
Users deposit assets such as USDC, DAI or USDT (for our stable vaults) or LP tokens from Curve, Sushiswap and other into our vaults and let the automated strategies farm, harvest and compound you rewards. This is very similar to how & work, however we intent to differentiate ourselves by not overcomplicated the processes or the user experience.
Last modified 6mo ago